About Me

Sometimes I think this page is the hardest part about any new project. I never quite know where to start.

Demographics? I’m a thirtysomething mother of three, born and raised in America’s Rust Belt where I continue to try to carve out a living in difficult economic conditions that began long before the Great Recession.

Interests? Well, obviously I’m a writer. More successful sometimes than at others and currently riding out a low that came when my small copywriting business, which served mainly local small businesses, ground to a halt as many of my customers closed up shop. I am also a reader, a gardener, a wanna-be runner, and an internet junkie.

But none of that really defines me. I’m a hippie born in the wrong era, running around barefoot until the snow sends me digging through my closet for a sturdy pair of shoes. I’m an idealist that strives every day to live the things I believe even when financial realities push me to put practical matters first. And I’m an unshakable optimist even in the most difficult of times.

And perhaps most importantly I’m adaptable. I can find ways to make the impossible work, to pinch a penny until it screams without trading the local market for Walmart or real food for cheap filler. I refuse to let my income dictate my priorities, my values, or my lifestyle and I’m just creative enough to make it work… most of the time.

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